A Brief Introduction to Digital Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances fall into two broad categories. The first category is that of analog kitchen appliances. And the second category is that of digital kitchen appliances. Most of the old-time kitchen appliances were of the analog variety. Most of the newly-designed kitchen appliances, on the other hand, are of the digital variety.

The main difference between the analog and the digital kitchen appliances is in terms of how they are operated. The analog kitchen appliances are mainly operated using dials and manual levers. Conversely, the digital kitchen appliances are mainly operated using buttons (viz, through buttons that are meant to be dialed to get the appliances to perform various functions).

Another thing that distinguishes the digital kitchen appliances from the analog kitchen appliances is the precision with which the former can be operated. The digital kitchen appliances can be operated with a very high degree of precision. For instance, if you are using a digital weighing scale in your restaurant kitchen, you can be able to achieve the desired weight, right up to the last gram. Similarly, if you are using a digital fridge, you can program it to cool your drink to a certain (very precise) temperature.

Digital kitchen appliances can be connected to computer networks, and operated remotely. This is where we encounter the ‘internet of things’. That is, for instance, where you have a digital fridge that is capable of noting that the stock of drinks in it is running low, and proceed to order for more, automatically.

Digital kitchen appliances are, for the time being, costlier than analog kitchen appliances. But as more and more kitchen appliances of the digital variety enter the market, the price is bound to keep on falling further.

Truth be told, the kitchen is lagging behind in as far as adoption of digital technology goes. There are other niches where you would be hard pressed to find an analog device. It is, for instance, very hard to find an analog phone in this day and age. If, for instance, you go to a metro pcs pay bill point, you are likely to discover that most of the people paying their bills there are users of digital phones. In fact, you would be very lucky to find someone who is trying to pay metropcs bill for an analog phone. Yet our kitchens are still full of analog appliances! But there is hope. As the number of people who buy and sell kitchen appliances online increases, we are bound to see the digital appliances being embraced on a larger scale.

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