How Often Should You Do General Cleaning for a Kitchen?

A kitchen needs to be subjected to general cleaning from time to time. Otherwise it becomes grimy, and potentially hazardous to the health of the people who use the food that is prepared there. In this context, general cleaning refers to an exercise where the entire surface of the kitchen is thoroughly cleaned. All the items in the kitchen are opened up, and subjected to thorough scrubbing (or any other type of thorough cleaning). General cleaning is quite different from the routine cleaning, which is supposed to be undertaken on a day to day basis.

By its very nature, general cleaning is very time consuming, which is why it can only be undertaken once in a while. But if the general cleaning is not done frequently enough, it may lose its meaning – and the kitchen may have to go for long periods of time with grime. So we end up with a dilemma as to how often general cleaning for a kitchen should be undertaken. And in resolving that dilemma, we come to learn that some of the factors that determine how often general cleaning for a kitchen should be done include:

  1. The intensity with which the kitchen is used: a kitchen that is only used once in a while, to prepare an occasional meal, may not require general cleaning as frequently as a restaurant kitchen that is used round the clock. For the latter, general cleaning may actually have to be done on a daily basis. That is why you may find an employee (or a team of employees) whose sole responsibility is that of continually cleaning the kitchen and everything in it. So you actually end up with permanent employees, who are subject to, say, the Securitas Epay talx paperless guide — that is, people who have to go through the Securitas epay login screen to get their paychecks. You end up with such people who are employed for the sole purpose of carrying out general cleaning of the kitchen on an ongoing basis – all thanks to the intensity with which the kitchen is used.
  2. The environment around the kitchen: if, for instance, the kitchen is in a dusty environment, it may require general cleaning more frequently than a kitchen that is in a less dusty environment.
  3. The availability of time: if you have plenty of time on your hands, there is absolutely no reason as to why you can’t carry out general cleaning more frequently than a person who has less time on their hands.
  4. The kitchen manager’s personal preferences: this is where, for instance, you find that there are people who prefer kitchen general cleaning once a month whereas there are other people who would cringe at the idea of going for a single week without undertaking general kitchen cleaning! So it boils down to a question of personal preferences.

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